The Return of Monica Lewinsky

Where were you on January 26, 1998? Were you in class? Were you at work? Were you too young to remember?

For former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, January 26, 1998 marked the day her former boss, President Bill Clinton told Starr, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” As the truth about the President’s affair with his intern surfaced, Lewinsky was faced with a PR nightmare. What was once a dream internship for twenty-two year old Lewinsky soon turned into a nationally recognized political scandal.

Flash-forward nineteen years, one handbag company, a series of diet commercials and one reality TV dating show later and you will find Lewinsky has returned to the public eye. This time…the ball is in her court.

At this year’s Forbes Under 30 Summit, Lewinsky spoke out about her campaign to end cyberbullying. As one of the first victims of cyberbullying, Lewinsky is an ideal advocate for victims of online abuse and negativity.

Monica Lewinsky spoke about cyberbullying at the 2014 Forbes Under 30 Summit.
Monica Lewinsky spoke about cyberbullying at the 2014 Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Lewinsky recently reemerged onto the social media scene and quickly gathered a Twitter following of 61,700 followers. From a PR perspective, it is comforting to see Lewinsky look beyond the Clinton scandal and use her infamous name for the good of the online community. She is utilizing the Internet—the very tool that first put her name in the spotlight—to raise awareness and speak out about online bullying. Lewinsky made a smart PR move by taking advantage of social media to revamp her public image and reinvent herself as a social activist and cyberbullying survivor.

So, how should she go about reinventing herself via social media?

She can start by connecting with her followers on Twitter by sharing her story and listening to the stories of other victims. She can use Facebook and Instagram to keep her followers up-to-date with her campaign and the work she is doing for the online community.

To step back into the spotlight and use her name to raise awareness for bullying takes courage and bravery.

And for that I commend you, Miss Lewinsky.


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