Chris Brown’s Theory on the Ebola Epidemic

With a Twitter following of 13.6 million people and a long history of bad press, you would think Chris Brown would think before he tweets.

Chris Brown at the 2014 MTV Music Awards.

While the recent Ebola epidemic has many people panicking, Chris Brown has taken to Twitter to share his personal theory on the issue. On October 13th, Brown took to Twitter and informed his millions of followers that in his opinion, the epidemic was “a form of population control,” rather than a national crisis. His controversial post received over 41,000 retweets and has not been deleted by the R&B singer. Minutes later, Brown followed up his previous statement by admitting he should “shut up.” Meanwhile, a Texas healthcare worker has recently tested positive for Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan past away on “Oct. 8 after contracting the disease in Liberia and traveling to the U.S. before he was symptomatic.”*

The singer’s history of social media meltdowns and controversial posts make me wonder: why hasn’t his PR team stepped up and taken over? In my opinion, Brown’s social media rap sheet is a cry for the help of PR professionals. Brown already has a shaky public reputation after his assault on former girlfriend, Rihanna, and homophobic statements about musical rival, Frank Ocean. After evaluating Brown’s recent Ebola conspiracy theory, I am convinced he is digging himself deeper and deeper into his post-fame grave—one tweet at a time.

So, where is Chris Brown’s PR team and why haven’t they revoked his social media privileges?!





*Chris Brown, Ebola truther? The singer has a theory about the disease


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