Tips for Creating an Effective Infographic

For my J452 class, I created an infographic about cyberbullying with statistics from STOMP Out Bullying, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Infographics are valuable because they are an attention-grabbing and visually appealing way to present information. If done well, infographics can help present complex information in a comprehensible way. Infographics can be used […]

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Go Out and Vote!

Another year’s midterm elections have come and gone. Thousands of Americans voted, ballots have been counted and results are in. Regardless if you actually voted in this year’s midterm elections, you’ve probably been encouraged by someone to go out and cast your vote. Maybe it was someone with a clipboard on the sidewalk of a busy street […]

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We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Spotify: a popular music streaming site with more than 10 million paying subscribers across 58 countries, as well as 30 million listeners streaming music for free. With numbers like Spotify’s, why would recording artist and 24-year-old pop sensation Taylor Swift end her relationship with the company with little to no warning? Maybe there was bad blood between the Spotify and […]

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Expansion of an Empire

A dancer, a feminist, a role model, a philanthropist, an actress, a Grammy Award-winning singer, a wife, a mother and the reigning queen of pop culture. Her name? Beyoncé. If you know anything about music and pop culture, chances are you’ve heard the name Beyoncé. Over the course of her 17+ years in the entertainment industry, […]

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The Magic of Healthy Living

Corporate Social Responsibility : the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large. In my opinion, CSR is just a fancy term for giving back to the community on a national and/or local level while […]

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And the Oscar Goes To…

Recognize this guy? Wait, could it be…? Could it really be Mark Wahlberg? The same man who recently starred in Transformers: Age of Extinction? Surprisingly, yes! Your eyes have not deceived you. Wahlberg has transformed himself by shedding over sixty pounds in a limited amount of time for his new role in The Gambler. This […]

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